My childhood was spent in a foreign environment and education due to my family’s foreign-related jobs in the medical sector. Since I started Italian High School from kindergarten, Italian became my mother tongue. In my university education, I first studied the Department of Pedagogy at Istanbul University, and then the Department of Art History and Archeology. After getting a proficiency certificate from Italian Language and Philology, I taught at the Italian Girls Secondary School for a while. In 1990, I founded the Gallery Replica art gallery on the Anatolian side.

In 2004, I was the art director of Kadıköy Municipality CKM-Caddebostan Cultural Center. I organized important exhibitions by establishing a board of directors with the professors and deans of Turkey’s leading fine arts universities. I toured some of these exhibitions abroad and in Turkey. Of these, Eskişehir Anadolu Fine Arts, Marmara Fine Arts, Yeditepe Fine Arts and Erzurum Atatürk Fine Arts supported my projects at different times. 2007 Neoartgallery A.C. with Giorgio Bertozzi in Rome. We established the Roman Art and Culture Association. We cooperated with Vista Tv Ajans, Vista and Vanio Art Space and organized exhibitions and art activities with Turkish and Italian artists. Since 2009, I have organized unforgettable exhibitions with a group of Turkish artists in Rome. In the future, besides corporate exhibitions, I organized exhibitions for many artists in private galleries and important museums.

Between 1994 and 2010, I held dozens of exhibitions in Turkey, the number of which I do not remember, and 190 international exhibitions abroad between 2007 and 2021.

In the historical building Innpark Art venue in Istanbul Beyoğlu, which I own, I organized many artistic activities and workshops with artists from Italy for the dissemination of Turkish and Italian art in 2012-2016.

In 2016, we established the branch of the Roma Russo Art Gallery under the name of Tophane Istanbul Russo Art Gallery, together with my partners.

We undersigned important projects in this beautiful partnership and held exhibitions for very valuable international and Turkish artists. From these exhibitions; The exhibition of the Futurist artist Giorgio de Chirico in the Pera Museum and the Contemporary artist Massimo Giannoni in the Venetian Palace of the Italian Consulate have a very important place in the memories.

I am the founding partner of Neoartgallery A.C, which we established in Rome, Italy since 2007, and at the same time I am the art director and manage many fair projects within the body of Romagne Fiere SRL.

I am the art director of Forli Vernice Art Fair’s art relations between Turkey and the Middle East and the Euroexpoart project that takes place in the fair.

I took part in the project as the curator of the Cassano Perotti Museum of the Puglia Region I. Murgia Biennial, held in September 2021 under the auspices of the European Union of Culture and Art.

In September 2021, I organized the Vernice Art Fair & Euroexpoart project, which I was the art director of.

Since 2020, I have been promoting the artists in my portfolio and art projects in my Art office in Istanbul. The artists in my portfolio; I connect with curators, collectors and galleries. I manage solo, group exhibition and international fair, biennial and workshop projects.