Sintesi Roma 2021

13 years have passed since the first edition of Sintesi which was born from the desire to bring together, share and unite: cities, cultures, society, artists, emotions, destructions, joys, pains, dreams as in a great Shakespearean tragedy populated by ordinary people and heroes that leave us messages that are unassailable by the passing of time. In all this, modernity and innovation, which contemporaneity introduces into art, has the disruptive effect of the revolutions made by minorities that undermine the ancient power of the majority, perched on the mountain of repetitiveness and boredom. Countries that recognize merit and value to the minority’s “revolutionary proposal” are destined to become a beacon of modernity. Initially the project was mainly dedicated to Turkish and Italian artists that Sintesi hosted in the early days and then later also had representatives from other countries, just to name a few: Alba Amoruso, Oktay Anilanmert, Zahit Büyükişliyen, Roberta Coni, Gürbüz Doğan Ekşioğlu, Cristina Fornarelli, Massimo Franchi, Davide Frisoni, Devabil Kara, Fevzi Karakoç, Alexander Jakhnagiev, Ivan Jakhnagiev, Laura Migotto, Kristina Milakovic, Irfan Okan, Claudio Orlandi, Barış Sarıbaş, Maria Rosaria Stigliano …

’Event, which over time has taken place in different cities, Istanbul, Mersin, Erzurum, Florence, Bursa, a city with a great cultural and historical tradition, returns in this 2021 to Rome in the prestigious setting of the Crocetti Museum. This year, the artists will make the works presented interact with each other, in order to generate dialogue on the theme of contemporaneity.

The dialogue between works and artists is the best that can be hoped for to accompany nations on the tiring path of exit from the Covid pandemic.

Sintesi 2021 will certainly be able to meet the expectations of passionate visitors who will return to breathe the positive and proactive atmosphere of the events in which it is possible to “touch” the works exhibited, moreover, in the place that was the great sculptor’s workshop, from the 20th century, Venanzo Crocetti

Ferdan Yusufi

Istanbul, 2021